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Criminal /OVI

When accused of a crime, significant issues such as a person's career, marriage, and reputation are often in jeopardy. Facing criminal allegations can be very frightening for both the accused and their family.  At Miller, Westwood & Brush, we take time to explain all available options given the circumstances of each case.  We work closely with our clients, explaining the law, investigating the facts, and developing strong defense strategies.  Our attorneys have extensive trial experience defending all types of felony and misdemeanor cases including traffic offenses, drug possession, OVI, juvenile cases, theft, robbery, burglary, sex offenses and murder charges.  If you have been charged with a crime or traffic offense, you need a lawyer with the knowledge of both sides of the system to ensure the most favorable outcome for you.  Our attorneys have the ability to do just that.  If you or your minor child have been accused, call today to schedule your free consultation.  

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